Friday, 4 September 2009


BUA's and camps

I am building a new series of villages, to include Chinese, Mediterranean, and Melnibonéan, so I need to clear these out to make room.

These villages (BUA) are hand made from foam board, covered with paper and painted with acrylics and pen. The roofing comes from the embossed model railroad brick and tile sheets (Faller/Noch) and mounted together with trees to a floor tile cut to size for DBA use or any other similar rule set.

Attention: 03-12-2010 All BUA's have been SOLD!!

Late Medieval village one $35

Late Medieval village two $35

Spanish rural village $35

Convent $35

Biblical era town $35

Middle Eastern walled town $35

If someone would like to take all six BUA’s, then I shall add two palisade camps as a bonus.

If interested, then please email me at timurilank- at- aol- dot- com