Wednesday, 23 February 2011

For Sale: 10th century Eastern European castle/fort (BUA)

This item was modeled some years back while I had large collections of DBA armies centered on the 10th and 11th century. It is Eastern European in style and fits the BUA specifications for 15mm. The figures near the front gate are 15mm Wood Elves from Black Raven, these are not included in the sale.

The base is triplex bass wood and the castle walls and tower are of balsa wood, reinforced with plinths. Base is covered with white glue and sand.
Unique model can also be used as BUA or Stronghold for 28mm scale HOTT.

Asking $45.00 SOLD!

Email address is timurilank at aol dot com

Landsknechts nearly done.

This project has taken longer than I expected. Nonetheless, painting a colour a day, has moved the project steadily forward to the finish line. I am pleased with the results and the last step is to base the figures. I should have 40 elements, clearly enough for three DBA-RRR armies, but which ones?

And that is the next step. I have some options as what I have now painted can easily represent the Imperial armies, from the 1500’s to the end of the century. In addition, the Minor German states would also have much the same composition. For any of these options to be complete for eventual sale, I would need to add Harquebusiers and an artillery piece, neither would pose a painting problem.

The photos show 32 Essex Landsknecht pikemen, 8 light horse with crossbow and 6 Generals and staff.

I have added an extra photo to show the extent of the colleciton. Originally, I planned 3 DBA-Renaissance armies, but with the additional shot and skirmish figures, I actually need 2 Light Horse with arguebus to offer a fourth army. Now the waiting game as these figures will come from England. The peculiarities of the Royal Mail system near Essex, require small parcels (value less that 30 GPD) should be brought at the end of the week. So during that time I can start looking at appropriate flags for these armies. I will have flags for, not only the generals, but for the knights, landsknecht pike, arguebus and artillery or 5 or 6 flags per army.