Tuesday, 29 November 2011

15mm Carolingian Franks - for sale

This is the last of four DBA Carolingian Frankish armies, as the first three have slipped out the back door and are winging their way to the US, Sweden and Italy.

The composition follows the proposed DBA 3.0 lists, which lists an element of bow to the current 2.2 version. With all the options, the army comprises of:

1 x Kn (Gen), 5 x Kn, 4 x Sp, 1 x Ps or Bw, 1 x Ps or Hd or LH or 15 elements.

$120.00 SOLD

All figures are Old Glory 15mm with the horde coming from the peasant and monks pack of the Medieval Crusade series. Good figures as many of the monks are spread through my other collections. The General's banner is the Oriflamme.

The second photo show two Bd elements that can serve as dismounted knights to add interest to non competition games.

$10.00 for the two.

All bases are 1.2mm triplex basswood and covered with sand, stained, dry brushed and flocked with electrostatic grass.

All queries regarding other options, shipping and delivery time from the Netherlands, please send to timurilank at-sign aol dot com.


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Love painting horses, Carolingian Light Horse

The Light Horse were a last minute addition to the Carolingian Franks. Delivery from Old Glory 15s in the US was delayed at Dutch Customs, but they arrived yesterday afternoon and nine cavalry were promptly cleaned and primed. The photos illustrate the process from start to finish.

I tape the plinths so they do not slide on the board as I rotate this to cover all four sides with a fine mist of spray paint.
The box helps contain the spray as in this country there is always a wind. That box has served for my undercoating projects for the past nine years.

With a previous experience of 36 knights painted in less than two days, I moved into high gear and started with the horse and everything else brown or shades thereof. This went fast as in a couple of hours everything was done with the exception of outline and highlighting.

The last photo show the Light Horse complete and ready for varnish. Basing and groundwork, they will be ready to ship to their destinations.

Due to the popularity of the Carolingian Franks (two have been sold) I decided to paint two more. To complete these I need only paint 36 more knights. These have already been cleaned, primed these and should be ready in a week.

However, from now until Sunday, I shall have little free time, so Monday next week I should be starting.


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

18th c. Jacobites

Until a month ago, I would not have touched a Jacobite army with its diverse tartans, lack of firearms and artillery. While painting the Carolingian Franks with their diverse shield patters I thought I would give the Scots a try, after all it is not that I have a shortage of WSS armies, but the Scots would make interesting opponents for the British.

Figures are Old Glory 15s and were certainly not new sculpts, but the castings were good. Cleaning and undercoating the figures did not take long and left these overnight to dry. The quandary that confronted me, would basing the collection on historical units be better or would just an abstract collection be a better route? TMP (the miniatures page) supplied the answer as last Saturday, a member queried about the uniformity of Jacobite tartans. Eureka! I had my answer.

Started painting these on Monday and they are now ready for varnishing.

Next step, bases, groundwork, flocking and a few flags and they should be ready to use this weekend.


Friday, 4 November 2011

Carolingian Franks

Here are photos of two Carolingian Frankish armies and numbers three and four are currently on the work bench.

The proposed DBA 3.0 lists an element of bow to the current 2.2 version, so the army with options is:

1 x Kn (Gen), 5 x Kn, 4 x Sp, 1 x Ps or Bw, 1 x Ps or Hd or LH

All figures are Old Glory 15mm with the horde coming from the peasant and monks pack of the Medieval Crusade series. Good figures and many of the monks are spread through other collections.

Both armies have the Oriflamme with the command element as will number three.

I mentioned I am working on a third and fourth Carolingian army as these two have been SOLD before completion.

In a week or so, I should have the others available for purchase.