Thursday, 28 August 2014

A civil war?

Next week Wednesday, an introduction evening HOTT is planned for club members. To keep this simple, I will use an Orc/Goblin civil war as a theme. The map follows the standard campaign format of six regions controlled by six warbosses. The campaign is not meant to achieve a conclusion, but function as a taster for more things to come.

The armies are listed on a card, each card with a different composition to maximize the variety of troop types.

I will do some testing of the revised rules to refresh my memory and post them here at the blog.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Er’ we go. Rest of the Mob

Orc Choopa and Slugga types are the mainstay of the Goblin-Orc army. These are all Games Workshop lead and as the entire collection are used as 15mm the figures are scaled appropriately.

Bulky Goblins now pass as Orcs, smaller types including Snotlings for the main Goblin hordes and the larger pieces, such as Black Orcs, Trolls, etc. have larger bases as Behemoths, so blend in well. The difference in size lends well to their ferocity.

These were painted 15 years ago and have kept their shine well. Not seen in the photos are the flyers or aerial scouts and another 10 Hd (goblin horde) that need rebasing.

The baggage are scratch-build carts with covers made from self-hardening clay. The Giant Boar with towers are standard Boar figures with box filled with Snotlings (Goblins).

Photo one – Orc Choopa and Slugga boyz, 22Wb, Sp or Bd

Photo two – Goblin Sneakers, 6Ps

Photo three- Squig, 3 Beasts

Photo four – Black Orcs, 2 Behemoths

Photo five – Orc Arrer boyz, 30Bw with 2 Trolls, Behemoths

Photo six – 2 Pump Wagons, Behemoth, 4 Giant Boar, Behemoth and 10 mobile baggage

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Er’ we go.- the Horde

Leading the Horde are the mounted units of Savage Orcs, Goblin Riders and Raiders plus some chariots. The figures are all Games Workshop lead painted 15 years ago and have been re-based a number of times finally ending up on a DBX system. 

These are formerly foot figures wrestled on to the back of Necromunda rats. The latter are in three poses which give enough variation for the mounted to appear rough n’ ready.

Photo one – Goblin Raiders 16LH

Photo two – Goblin Chieftain, Mo’hacs with Face Splitter

Photo three- Goblin Riders, 8Cv

Photo four – Savage Orcs, 6Kn including two Warbosses.

Photo five – Mounted units in array

Photo six - Chariot Corps, 12LCh including Warboss carrying Flaming Tongue.

The walkin' stuff next,

Friday, 22 August 2014

Storm Within the Empire becomes HOTT-er

Since my last posting here, the final draft for the Civil War (Horse and Musket era) is now complete and all that remain are further testing with possible text revision. All the figures are done, maps and scenarios are added each month, in short the project is moving along like clockwork.

I realized some features of the Civil War variant have application to Ancient and Medieval warfare without too much change. However, I thought of taking this a step further to revive an old project, namely Hordes of the Things (HOTT) and therefore the title.

Since December of last year, Fanaticus Forum member Tom T has adapted HOTT with the latest draft of DBA version 3. I reviewed the current rule set of HOTT last night and decided not to take a step backward, but move along with the improved mechanisms of DBA3. This choice was made to standardize understanding DBA3 at our club for Ancients, Horse and Musket and in future, Fantasy.

Our club, nearly 50 members strong is majority  Warhammer, 40K, LOTR and X-Wing players with the remaining members playing FOW and other non-fantasy periods. With my membership in March of this year, the club has been exposed to DBA3 with positive results for both the Ancient game and the Civil War period.

Now for the Fantasy players.

The first introduction seminar is planned for 3 September and is open to all members. More such events are planned for September and October, so in the next few weeks I will post a number of test games using Dwarves, Wood Elves and Generic Medieval (Bavarians) to fight the Green Horde.