Thursday, 11 September 2014

Invasion Plans

The Invasion (the preliminaries)

I had toyed with the idea to use historical medieval maps, but Warhammer Fantasy offered a better selection. The armies for the Empire will come from my own collection of Bavarian, Austrian, Hungarian and Wallachian late medieval armies.

Back to the map, the World’s Edge mountains offered an excellent springboard from which the invasion could start. Each kingdom within the Empire are well mapped, so that is not a problem. Further, the idea is to launch the invasion from a number of jump-off points each with its own corridor (linear campaign) slicing through the Empire. Each player will be responsible for his campaign. 

To give a sense of the Orc battle plans a copy has been filched from their war room. Simple is as simple does. 



Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The final battle - who will lead the invasion?

This battle brought together the victors and their allies of the first three battles to a final confrontation. Composition of both armies can be read below. 

Coalition Army II deployed on the heights over looking their opponents deployed between several wooded areas. With their right flank now secured by two woods and allies on the left, both main battle lines matched frontage. 

This meant the superior mounted arm of Coalition Army II would have to make use of the trails threading through the forest before coming to grips with the enemy.

Photo one Overview of both sides.

At the outset, (Bound One) Coalition Army II and allies moved as one off the hills to close with their opponents. Coalition Army I were equally intent on reaching a decision before the mounted hordes made their appearance on their right flank.

Bound two, casualties were beginning to mount in centre for both sides, while the allies for both armies were still working themselves into frenzy. These two had met in an earlier battle slaughtering 50% of each other’s force.

Photo two Both centers moving forward

Photo three LH of Coalition I tucking tail and seeking security of the woods.

Bound three have both sides losing a number of horde elements to warband assaults. With the exception of Coalition Army II’s mounted command, all are engaged in combat.

Bound four, casualties are mounting again. Coalition II’s left center is now an empty void with all its defenders slaughtered. However, Coalition I jubilation is cut short as their allies on the left are being pushed back and on the right, the thunder of broken branches and brush can mean the approach of enemy cavalry (shades of Panzer Divisions in the Ardennes 1940).

Photo four Allies pushed back

At the end of bound four losses were nearly even, (II-13 to I-12). During their turn both sides could capitalize on a number of small victories, but both sides were now fragmented with very few elements forming groups. Coalition II devoted their turn (bound five) to forming battle groups facing a threatening stone troll and enemy general. In the background, the mounted command were exiting the woods.

Photo five Overview center, the cauldron

Bound six, the allies for Coalition II worked themselves into a Frenzy to crush two warband elements, one under the command of an allied General. Losing one command and 50% of its total points Coalition I were broken.

An overall Warlord has been found. Now, refill the armies and prepare for the invasion.

Photo six Last bound

Coalition Army I

2nd and 3rd Orc-Goblin army                Allied 5th Orc-Goblin army
1 General (Kn)                                      1 General (Wb)
3 Scouts (LH)                                      3 Spear (Sp)
1 Archers (Bw)                                     2 Scouts (LH)
2 Warband (Wb)                                
1 Behemoth (Beh)                  
2 Beasts (Be)             
7 Horde (Hd)              

Coalition Army II

1st and 6th Orc-Goblin army                 Allied 4th Orc-Goblin army    
1 General (Kn)                                     1 General (Wb)
1 Sub. Gen (Kn)                                   1 Spear (Sp)
1 Savage Orc (Kn)                               1 Big Un (Beh)
4 Riders (Cv)                                       5 Horde (Hd)
6 Scouts (LH)                         
1 Scout (LH)                                                  
2 Warband (Wb)                                           
4 Horde (Hd)                                                 
1 Trolls (Beh)  

Comments D3H2

I have played HOTT since the mid-90’s. I liked that the game did not require a 4’ x 6’ table nor hundreds of figures, however, the requirement of half your opponents points invariably lead to long games. The changes in DBA version 3 adapted to HOTT does move the game to a quicker resolution despite the unchanged victory conditions.  This big battle for example took six bounds.

The next step is the invasion of the Reich with everything thrown into the Orc-Goblin army; shamans, flyers, sneakers, heroes and the like. The map used is the one provided by Games Workshop, but with the Imperial lands split into a number of smaller kingdoms. Dwarf and Elf kingdoms will also be noted. 


Sunday, 7 September 2014

The War Boz - continued

Game III

Game three was the hardest fought lasting at least 14 or 15 bounds with one side casting consecutively three pip rolls of “6”, while the opponent matching each with a “1”.

The 4th army’s core troops settled on the high ground with the masses filled the space between hill and woods. Their General had no real battle plan other that let the hordes soak up the arrows, roll over their line and when the time was ripe to move off the hill and claim victory.

The 5th army General forced to deal with the horde and behemoth would use the LH to strike at the rear of the oncoming avalanche. This hopefully would slow down the oncoming horde. Despite being broken into smaller column, the horde did connect taking out the archers. Oops!

With 5th Army’s best troops neutralized and 10 points down, the 4th army General confidently moved his line of spear off the hill supported by another column of horde. With only 7 horde lost victory was close at hand.

By bound 14, in a desperate move as no impression could be made against the remaining horde, one LH unit scurried off to sack 4th army camp. By this time, 4th army wall of spear were mixing it up with 5th army remnants including their General.

Bound 15 one could almost imagine Gork’s laughter coming from the skies above as both sides reached their breakpoint. 5th army lost 12 points, but 4th army 13 points and the game. Waaagh!

4th Orc-Goblin army    survived                      5th Orc-Goblin army  survived
1 General (Wb)            1 Wb                              1 General (Wb)            1 Wb
3 Spear (Sp)               3 Sp                               2 Warband (Wb)
1 Big Un (Beh)             1 Beh                              3 Spear (Sp)               3 Sp
12 Horde (Hd)             5 Hd                               3 Archers (Bw)
                                                                          2 Scouts (LH)             2 LH
                                                                         1 Squig (Be)

Next game will have both the 4th and 5th armies serve as allies to the victors of games one and two. Army 4 will join the armies 1 and 6 bringing a total of 48 points to be commanded by three generals. 

Army 5 joins 2 and 3 to bring their total to 42 points with two generals commanding.

The final battle will determine who will lead the invasion of the Reik. 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

The War Boz

Our planned HOTT punch-up of Wednesday had to make way for an emergency and thus with some free time, I decided to refresh my barbaric skills with the Greenskins. Using the card system, I paired two 24 point armies to play three games.

While into the first game, I decided to carry my experiment a step further and have the winner of each battle absorb the opponent’s surviving elements, with each new conflict approaching a big battle scale. At least, that is the theory.
Game I
In the foreground, the 3rd Orc-Goblin army levied a lot of horde. These were stiffened with some warband and two behemoths. Across the field, the 2nd Orc-Goblin army collected enough fire-power to keep the behemoths busy and grouped about the General (Kn) two warbands. Flanking the battle line are beasts supported by Goblin scouts (LH).

The 2nd army deployed their line in a concentric circle making it difficult for the 3rd army to maintain momentum. Contact was kept to shooting from a distance, giving the LH scouts time to encircle the 3rd army.

At the right moment, 2nd army General and warbands charged downhill and clove a wedge through the 3rd army while the LH scouts took the army from the rear. A neat text book victory.

2nd Orc-Goblin army   survived                      3rd Orc-Goblin army    survived
1 General (Kn)             1 Kn                             1 General (Wb)           
3 Scouts (LH)             3 LH                            1 Warband (Wb)
4 Archers (Bw)           1 Bw                            12 Horde (Hd)             7 Hd
2 Warband (Wb)        2 Wb                           2 Behemoth (Beh)       1 Beh  
2 Beasts (Be)              2 Be

The pairing of different size armies would give a good sampling of which elements function best. 

Hordes for example have the benefit of not recoiling against most troop types while behemoths were not as intimidating as I had thought. 

Game II
The second game paired a similar horde heavy 1st army against a totally mounted 6th army of the Steppes. Lacking mobility, the 1st army massed their horde backed by the behemoths and warbands at the edge of the woods. Their general and the scouts would form a mobile reserve.

The mobile 6th formed three groups of which the smaller would move between the woods and envelop the enemy rear. The remaining two sections would form the anvil and hammer to split the enemy mass formation.

LH scouts had no problem bringing one troll to its knees while the knights supported by riders took out the warband in short order. Game was over very quickly with the 6th army claiming no losses. 

1st Orc-Goblin army    survived                      6th Orc-Goblin army    survived
1 General (Kn)               1 Kn                             1 General (Kn)              1 Kn
1 Scout (LH)                  1 LH                            1 Savage Orc (Kn)       1 Kn
2 Warband (Wb)                                              4 Riders (Cv)               4 Cv
8 Horde (Hd)                4 Hd                            6 Scouts (LH)              6 LH
2 Trolls (Beh)               1 Beh

 Game three tomorrow.